and the secret
Castle Kattholz

How can you help?

The need is great! The Land of Lakes now hopes for your courage and help. Find the mean hiding place, banish the dark forces and help the magical amulet regain its former power!

What happened?

Since the beginning of time, the power of the amulet has watched over the old mill in the valley, the lake and the settlements on the shore. Recently, however, dark forces have been up to mischief.

Key data for your adventure

From 10 years (recommended)

2 – 3 hours

1 to 6 persons

1.5 km path distance

Group ticket (up to 4 people) 25 €

More persons + 7,50€

By the way: You don’t have to be a guest of our campsite to take part in this unforgettable story!

Tickets & all starting info you can get at our reception.

Start an unforgettable adventure!