at the Perdoeler mill

NEW: Escape game for evening adventurers

from 11.06.2022


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at the Perdoeler mill

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Escape Game Amulettana
from 11.06.2022

Search, puzzle, try it out. In the vast forests not far from
of the historic mill, we offer our guests a new and very special adventure from June 2022.

Can you find the hidden chest, solve the puzzle and open the secret doors?

The mystical findAbox Escape Game starts right at the resort
Perdoeler mill at the Belauer lake. Break open and become part of this unforgettable story!

  • 3-6 people
  • From 10 years
  • 25 € for 4 people
  • 7,50 € for each additional player

BBQ feast mile

at the Perdoeler Mühle with BBQ feast mile from 11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

When? Ascension* 26.05 – 29.05
Whitsun* 03.06. – 05.06.
On 04.06. there will be live music on the restaurant terrace from 18:00.
*on these days there is no á la carte meal in the restaurant.
*Cake and coffee are available in the restaurant

Culinary Christmas Market

26.11.-04.12.22 – second culinary Christmas market

New Year's Eve Ball

On 31.12.2022 at the Perdoeler mill in Schleswig Holstein

Tickets are available as VVK in the restaurant or by phone/mail

Price 39,90€ incl. 4 course menu, champagne reception and laser show

Upcoming events
at a glance

  • 14-18.04.22 – Easter market
  • 30.4.22 – Campfire and barbecue at the lake
  • 26.05.22 – Big suckling pig barbecue
  • 04.06.22 – Music and barbecue
  • 16.07.22 – Music and barbecue
  • 06.08.22 – Music and barbecue
  • 18.11.-21.12.22 – we celebrate the World Cup! All games live on site
  • 26.11.-04.12.22 – second culinary Christmas market
  • 31.12.22 – New Year’s Eve ball